At Living Chiropractic & Wellness we believe that ‘Knowledge is power’, and our team invite you and your family and friends to attend outstanding, fun and educational presentations throughout the month. Our doctors are also available to do health presentations to local schools, staff meetings, Rotary and Lions Clubs, and businesses.  Call 09 237 8187 to enquire.

Everyone in our community is welcome to attend these mini “Hour of Power” seminars, discover new tools and cutting-edge information to help improve your life. Our presentation topics include:

Empowering Seminars FOR YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY: 

ATTEND 5 Outstanding Health Presentations THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR EXISTENCE –

“The Living Wellness Seminar Series”


  1. Chiropractic 101The Big Idea – Not to be missed in our office. What we do, what we don’t do, and why we do it, every practice member loves this.
  1. Wellness 101 – The 5 cornerstones of health. This presentation is essential to get great results and covers the 5 most important things for you to know along with your chiropractic wellness schedule and plan.
  1. Essential Oilz 101 – This presentation is often a life-changing experience. The power of pure essential oils for healing and reducing stress will take you to a new level and respect for these oils.
  1. S.A.D – Stress, Anxiety and Depression – are you SAD? Don’t miss the most popular health talk in our office and learn more tools to beat stress.
  1. The Truth About Food – its no big secret, you are what you eat, and this uplifting thought provoking talk should give you some palatable tools to simply transform your health.


Resources and Healthy Links: